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How The Scodix E106 Is Changing Printing

A large part of our mission at Forefront Group is to ensure we’re staying on the bleeding edge of tools and technology. We've spent a great deal of time and resources expanding our print capabilities. 

An output of that research has lead to the Forefront team having access to Scodix printing machines. Scodix, and machines like the 
Scodix E106 – is revolutionizing the world of printing. Interested in learning more about this device? You’re in the right place! We’ll take a deeper look at its benefits, features, why we’ve invested in this technology, and more. Let’s get started.

Unparalleled Speed

Speed is king in the world of printing. The faster you finish a job, the more jobs you can do. The more jobs you can do, the more customers you can serve – you get the picture.

Scodix E106 offers ultra-fast production and is able to support production speeds of up to 4,000 SPH, in the unique B1 (1060*760mm) format.

Reliable Results

Speed is nothing without consistency. Using the latest digital tools, advanced materials, and industry best practices, the 
Scodix E106 has been designed to offer incredible performance and reliable results. And because it’s fully digital, there is no tooling that will snag, snarl, or otherwise fail. 

Rapid Setup – Without Tooling Costs 

As a fully-digital printer, the Scodix E106 offers incredibly rapid setup. The device can be installed and run in just a few hours – ensuring that you do not have to stop your business operations to install or service a new unit. And since it’s digital, it does not have to be retooled – unlike other “analog” printers in use around the world.

Incredible Set Of Diverse Features

Speed, reliability, and ease-of-use are not the only benefits of the 
Scodix E106. It’s also incredibly feature-rich.

Features like Scodix Foil™, Scodix Sense™, and Scodix Spot allow customers to create unique foil, metal, and “holographic” style designs – all in a single machine! By doing so, Scodix allows customers to distinguish themselves from the competition in a very crowded marketplace.

Specialized For Short-To-Medium Run Lengths

Scodix E106 has been built to support short-to-medium run projects, allowing companies to have increased flexibility when it comes to client workloads. Because it is digital, there are no long lead times when switching between projects. Simply load up the new project file and materials, and you can get started almost immediately. 

The Scodix E106 – Leading The Way In The  Printing Industry 

The Scodix dedication to useful, fast, and powerful printing tools has led to the Scodix E106 – and this printing machine promises to revolutionize the way the printing industry works worldwide. This is exactly why we’re invested and will continue to invest in tools and technology like the Scodix Machines here at Forefront.

Check out the Scodix Machine in action here and get in touch with the team at Forefront if you’re interested in learning how YOU can leverage Scodix.

How To Incorporate Seasonality Into Your Promotional Products

Promotional products are popular at all times of the year. However, seasonality can play a big role in the types of products available to customers, and which items are the most popular.

Seasonal Changes

Just like retailers are affected by seasonal shifts, so are promotional product companies. Apparel, for instance, is the area in which seasonal change is the most obvious.

For example, windbreakers, fleeces, warm hats, and gloves are more popular in the colder months, because people are more likely to be bundling them up when shopping for winter clothing.

Conversely, the warmer months increase the desirability of golf and polo shirts, ball caps, and other apparel. Picnic and barbecue accessories are also much more popular during the warmer months, making them a great choice for a promotional product.

The Impact Of Holidays on Promotional Products Industry

Holidays often have a big impact on the promotional products industry. Companies are thanking their employees and clients for the previous year, so higher-value promotional products are more popular. Gift baskets, apparel featuring company logos, and other high-value items are commonly given during the holidays.

Other Seasonal Shifts

One of the other big shifts often seen in the promotional products industry is the beginning of a new school year. Often, items like backpacks, USB drives, pens, and other office supplies are very popular after the summer break. This is especially true of companies who work with clients in the education industry.

Take Advantage Of Popular Items – Give Away Seasonally-Appropriate Items!

If you work with the right promotional products company, you’ll be able to stock a wide variety of items that can be given away throughout the year.

Whether it’s branded gloves in the winter, coolers and picnic baskets in the summer, or USB drives at the beginning of the new school year, you’ll be able to take maximum advantage of seasonal shifts.

Need help staying with the seasons? Let our team make sure your promotional products are right for every season!

3 Bold Trends We Love For Promotional Products In 2018

At Forefront Group, we pride ourselves on being at the “forefront” of new promotional products – pun definitely intended! And this year, we’ve put together a quick list of our top 3 predictions on where the promotional products and apparel industry may be headed in 2018. Take a look below!

1. Promotional Products Will Begin Appealing Specifically To Millennials

Millennials are entering the workforce in droves, and as of 2016, they overtook Baby Boomers and Gen X as a percentage of the working population. This means that there are more millennials working than ever – and promotional products companies have to adjust to this.

As we all know, millennials have different attitudes towards work and life than older generations.

Millennials aren’t afraid to be bold and brash, and they love electronic devices and technology, and are very comfortable with it.That’s why we predict a major upswing in bold patterns, more engaging and quirky promotional products, and high-tech gadgets.

2. Wireless Accessories Are Going To Continue To Boom

Since the introduction of the iPhone 7 and “EarPods”, wireless headphones and other wireless technology have become very commonplace. Brands like Google and Samsung are also removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from their phones, and this trend does not seem to be slowing down any time soon!

We predict that BlueTooth speakers, headphones, and other wireless accessories are going to be even more popular in 2018, and that upscale manufacturers like Bose or Harman Kardon may even begin offering brandable items in the promotional products space.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have also repopularized an older technology – wireless charging. We predict that wireless charging accessories will continue to become more popular as more phone manufacturers begin using this technology for new flagship smartphones.

3. Wearable Technology Will Become More Commonplace

This is certainly our boldest prediction. We think that “smart clothing” is going to enter into the promotional goods space this year, in some way. This category is still very new, but there are already examples of great implementations by some companies.

For example, Nike sells jerseys with NFC tags that can be scanned, opening up the team’s highlights for the day. And Levi’s new Commuter Trucker Jacket includes “smart fabric” that allows you to control your touchscreen from your sleeve. You can answer calls, interact with your GPS, and change music without touching your phone.

Other technology includes Lumo running shorts/capris, which can measure metrics like ground contact time, cadence, and other fitness information, helping to improve running form.

While these products will probably be very niche and a bit on the expensive side, there is a lot of potential for use in the branded products space – and we expect a few companies, at least, to harness this power for promotional products in 2018.

Let Us Know What You Think Of Our Predictions!

Think we’re on-track with our big predictions for 2018? Disagree with one of our choices? Regardless, we’d love to hear from you, and discuss how we can help your company thrive in 2018 with our branded products. Get in touch now, and see what The Forefront Group can do for you!